In an exciting new showcase, Hyungjun ‘Kjun’ Kim, both the Producer and Director of inZOI, delves into what makes this upcoming life simulation game a stand-out project. He introduces us to the development philosophy behind inZOI, highlighting its standout features, and shares insights into the game's creation process. inZOI empowers players with total freedom, enabling them to tailor every detail of their in-game world, paving the way for personalized narratives and adventures.
The showcase revealed a slew of novel features that are in the pipeline, including:
  • Cars that the game character ‘Zoi’ can drive or ride.
  • Group Activities to partake in everyday social interactions.
  • A Reputation (Karma) system that ensures actions have consequences.
  • City Edit options to customize urban landscapes, weather, and cleanliness.
  • A dedicated Studio for crafting and reshaping specific scenarios.
  • A high-resolution Photo Mode for capturing moments within the game.
A focal point in the development of inZOI is fostering open communication with the player base. KRAFTON has expressed its commitment to integrating player feedback directly into the game's development as it moves closer to its early access launch.
Moreover, KRAFTON disclosed efforts to develop plugins to simplify the process of mod creation, promoting artistic freedom among players. inZOI envisions becoming a creativity hub, where players can exhibit and converse about their in-game masterpieces via the in-game Canvas.
Hyungjun ‘Kjun’ Kim expressed his gratitude and excitement over the enthusiasm shown by the global community since inZOI's initial trailer debut last year. He encourages ongoing, varied feedback through the game's Discord and social media platforms.
A follow-up to the roadmap video is scheduled for May, which will include a section addressing fan inquiries sourced from Discord, featuring responses directly from the community manager and the producer. Since launching the official inZOI Discord in February and recently unveiling an official website and YouTube channel, the team behind inZOI pledges to keep the lines of communication open with its eagerly awaiting global audience.