Unlock The Fun with inZOI Game Cheats


Are you looking to enhance your inZOI gaming experience with some handy cheats? Look no further! The inZOI game offers a range of cheat codes that can provide you with various additional benefits, making your gameplay even more enjoyable.



  1. Infinite Money: Enter the code MONEYBAGS to instantly add a hefty sum of money to your game, allowing you to purchase whatever you need without worrying about your budget.
  2. Unlimited Building Options: Use the code BUILDMASTER to unlock all building options, giving you the freedom to create any structure you desire without any restrictions.
  3. Lift ZOI Limits: Input the code FREEDOMZOI to lift the limits on available ZOI, enabling you to explore and expand your territory without any boundaries.
  4. Instant Skill Upgrade: Type in SKILLUP to instantly upgrade your character’s skills, making them more powerful and efficient in the game.
  5. Max Health: With the code HEALTHBOOST, your character’s health will be maximized, ensuring they can withstand any challenges thrown their way.
  6. Unlock All Items: The code ITEMSALL will grant you access to all items in the game, giving you the resources you need to excel.


These cheat codes can significantly enhance your inZOI experience, providing you with more money, additional building options, and the freedom to lift limits on available ZOI. Give them a try and see how they can transform your gameplay!