The mesmerizing world of inZOI becomes even more immersive with its Decoration Mode feature, setting a new standard for personalization within life simulation games. This unique mode unlocks unparalleled levels of customization, giving players the extraordinary ability to shape and define the public spaces within their selected worlds.
Decoration Mode is more than just a tool; it's a canvas for creativity. Players can engage in constructing new buildings, reimagining the landscape by altering vegetation patterns, or designing bustling market spaces complete with benches and dining areas. The liberty to modify the environment caters to the diverse aesthetic and functional preferences of each player, making each world truly distinct.



But the customization doesn’t stop at mere visual alterations. Decoration Mode dives into the intricacies of world-building by granting players control over more sophisticated variables such as weather adjustments and animal density. These elements not only enhance the realism of each world but also significantly impact the dynamics and challenges within the game.


Whether you're an urban planner at heart or a nature lover aiming to create the perfect serene getaway, Decoration Mode in inZOI offers an expansive sandbox to bring your visionary ideas to life.